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India SINTEX 20, 000 Spindles Sample Project

In 2019, Jingwei has taken a solid step in overseas market development. At the beginning of the year, the company successfully joined hands with SINTEX, a famous spinning enterprise in India, and has signed a 20, 000 spindles project with differential cotton and linen blended. The project involves 12 sets of spinning frames, 2 sets of combing machines, 6 sets of roving frames, 12 sets of auto-winders, 11 sets of drawing frames, 3 blowing-carding lines, and some other related products. 

This is the first time for Jingwei to enter the Indian market in a real sense, the project is so significant that the whole company pays high attention to it. All relevant companies swing into action, and coordinate from the design, procurement, production, installation, service, and other aspects, trying best to make the project a successful Jingwei pilot plant in India.


India is the world’s largest cotton grower, and also the second producer of cotton yarn, it’s demand of cotton spindles is just behind China. SINTEX is one of the top 3 spinning enterprises in India with first-class technology level, which means that the company requires a high degree of intellectualization and digitalization of equipment. Jingwei appreciates this opportunity, and provides the customer with the most advanced equipment which represents the best technology of Jingwei.


JWF1580 intelligent spinning long-frame chosen for this project is integrated quick-installation technology, high speed doffing technology, double-suction technology at head-tail side, and E-system, the maximum spindle numbers can reach 1,824. For now, JWF1580 has been used successfully in D&Y Group, Yufeng Group, Deyongsheng in Hubei Province etc. in domestic and foreign projects. 


JWF1286 comber realized updated technology of tube return, automatic warp changing, and automatic joint, the maximum speed reaches 500 nips per minute, it has made a hit in high-end European market. 


JWF1458A automatic doffing roving frame is provided with integrated control system by four motors to drive each part, so it can better meet the requirements of multi-spindle, high speed, simple structure, easy maintenance, and labor saving.


VCRO-I Link Corner is highly automated, and can be connected to any type of spinning machine. It also equipped with a yarn quality tracking system, which can quickly eliminate spinning faults and ensure yarn quality.

JWF1313 Draw Frame-0.png

JWF1313 intelligent drawing frame is Jingwei’s new generation drawing frame without auto-leveling. The innovative transmission form and the use of electronic drafting, large coiler with 1000mm output diameter, intelligent sliver-breaking, roller monitoring, independent drafting area, and other functions enable the machine to produce the best possible results for customers with a smaller input cost.

JWF1313 Draw Frame-04.jpg

In the meantime, the overall technology of a conventional Blowing-carding line and two high-precision weighing & mixing Blowing-carding lines adopted by the project has reached the international advanced and domestic leading level.


In the JWF1204B Series Carding Machine, the length of first waste area can be adjusted. And the cylinder is raised, the carding section is lengthened, the number of stationary flat and web cleaner are increased so that carding quality can be effectively improved. The revolving flats made of aluminum alloy are driven individually, their speeds are controlled by frequency inverter. The feed-in of tuft feeder, feed-in of card and doffer are all controlled by frequency converter, the feed motor is synchronized with doffer motor. Besides, trinity adaptive auto-leveler is equipped.


The first world-leading high-precision weighting cotton mixing unit using original segmentation mixing and zone control technology, which can achieve precise matching and perfect fusion for multi-component and differential fibers.

The whole system adopts continuous cotton supply, quantitative control, real-time dynamic correction, error statistical compensation, predictive control strategy, dynamic over-limit alarm, etc., so that to achieve the precision requirement for weighing error less than 2‰ during actual production operation. Thus, while reducing the intensity of work and reducing the employment of enterprises, it further improves the mixing ratio precision of different fibers and the quality of blended yarns, and then help customers get more product benefits.

High-precision weighting cotton mixing unit.pngDue to the tight schedule, demand of new components and complicated configuration, coupled with the high temperature and high humidity in user's factory, and the spinning of linen and cotton blends, the project has posed severe challenges to the product technology and production organization of Jingwei.

Facing these challenges, the company established a high-level project team and held several thematic meetings to define technological details and special requirements of customer etc., to develop project quality control methods and strengthen the whole process quality control based on the highest standards, to arrange the schedule of design, production, full installation, delivery, and installation in reverse order and assign special personnel to deal with various problems, strictly implement the "two 24 hours" system, so that to ensure the smooth delivery of the project.

So far, the project is progressing smoothly and the first products will be delivered at the end of April. As the success of this cooperation will directly affect the subsequent in-depth cooperation between SINTEX and Jingwei, we will make every endeavor to build the project into the pilot plant in Indian market in order to show Jingwei’s brand technical strength, to improve steadily our overseas market share, and to create the charm of China's textile machinery.