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Hengtian Yong’An 1 Million Spindles of JINGWEI Equipment

The Xiayi Hengtian Yong’an New Textile Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Hengtian Yong’an) is located in the Textile-Zone of Shangqiu, He’nan. The company is a major project of He’nan province in 2018 with a total scale of 1 million spindles. Now the first phase of 115 thousand spindles is already put into operation. 

On 20th July 2019, The Hengtian Yong’an is awarded as “Excellent Enterprise” by the government of He’nan province in the intelligent manufacturing observation and comment meeting.

The plant of Hengtian Yong’an is equipped with whole process of cotton spinning machines of China Textile Machinery Group (CTMC), all equipment are connected to internet and can be centralized controlled remotely in control center. The labor per 10 thousand spindles is reduced to 20 persons, and the company realized “unattended night shift plant”. The latest technology enables intelligent production management, quality management, order management, transportation management, and packaging management.


Main Machine: Blowing Room (Supplied by Zhengzhou Hongda) - JWF1216 Card - JWF1313 Draw Frame - JWF1383 Lap Former - JWF1286 Combing Machine - JWF1312B/JWF1316T Autolevelling Draw Frame - JWF1458A Roving Machine (JWF0123 Tail Yarn Remover - JWF9562A Roving-Ring transporting system) - JWF1579 Ring Frame - VCRO E Auto Winder - Auto Packaging System.

Project Advantages:

The new-designed combing machine equipped with elevated lap-transporting system enables “Tri-automatic” function (automatic tube removing; automatic lap changing; automatic jointing) and can reach the speed of 500 nips/min. The system significantly increased the productivity of combing machine with less operators.


The special parts (such as spindles, rollers, rings, drafting system and so on) are all made by JINGWEI. With the original parts the speed of ring frame can be stabilized at more than 20,000 rpm.

Through the e-system, all machines can be supervised in control room, the user's comprehensive production efficiency can be improved by up to 10%, the work efficiency can be improved by more than 30%, the electricity consumption can be reduced by 2%, and order scheduling time can be reduced by more than 30%.


Process Introduction:

The project adopts the latest complete process of intelligent cotton spinning machineries, of which 80% are the latest JINGWEI technologies and 20% are customized products:


The blowing-carding line built by Zhengzhou Hongda contains Reciprocating Bale Plucker, Single-roll Opener, Multi-mixer, Foreign Fiber Separator, Dedusting Machine and Carding Machine. 


The plant chooses JWF1313 as pre-drawing machine and JWF1312B/JWF1316T as finisher machine. 


The new-designed combing machine adopts tri-automatic model, the speed can reach 500 nips per minute.


Together with Roving-Ring transport system and tail yarn remove machine, the JWF1458A auto-doffing roving machine realizes automatic transporting and changing of tube. Thus, the cleaning of yarn can be ensured, and the direct damage can be avoid.


The project adopts JWF1579 ring frame with original spindles, rollers and other special parts. The machine is of high speed, high stability, thus ensures high productivity.


The winding machine designed by Qingdao Hongda is stable and reliable, easy to operate, has a wide range of varieties, and excellent on product quality.


Through the use of JINGWEI E-SYSTEM, all machines can be monitored and controlled in the control center. The system has many advantages such as improving management efficiency.

(By LI Mingchao, JINGWEI Marketing Centre)