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Expanding the "Belt and Road" Market | Enterprises of CHTC Group Jointly Participate in Egypt International Stitch and Textile Exhibition

The CHTC Group actively responds to the call of "One Belt, One Road Initiative", vigorously explores overseas markets, and accelerates the internationalized business layout. Recently, Jingwei Textile Machinery, Hi-tech Heavy Industry and CTMTC jointly participated in the Egyptian International Stitch & Textile Expo, focusing on the promotion of the complete set of intelligent spinning equipments of Jingweichemical fiber and nonwovens equipments of Hi-tech Heavy Industry, as well as the innovative technologies and concepts of the related products in the aspects of intelligentization, digitalization and automation.


EGY STITCH & TEX EXPO is an influential comprehensive exhibition of textile and garment machinery. The exhibition integrates the entire value chain of the textile and garment industry, featuring cutting-edge innovations in textile machinery, garment processing technology, textile printing equipment and other fields. A total of 650 exhibitors from different countries participated in the exhibition, attracting more than 35,000 visitors from Egypt and neighboring countries.

During the exhibition, the three enterprises of CHTC Group seriously received many customers from Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Turkey and other countries and regions, and many customers and partners visited the booth to carry out business negotiations and consult the process and detailed configuration parameters of the equipment.

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Before the exhibition, Jingwei and CTMTC jointly held a product promotion meeting in Egypt, introducing the latest intelligent products and spinning solutions of Cotton Spinning Machinery from three aspects, namely, green intelligent complete sets of equipment, digitalized logistics and conveying system, and intelligent information management system. The three enterprises of CHTC Group also visited the key local customers to get to know about their operation, machine output and process indexes, and helped them solve the difficulties and problems in production and operation, which won high praise from the customers.


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Through the exhibition and in-depth exchanges with local customers, the exhibition not only demonstrated the overall strength and technological innovation level of the Group in an all-round way, but also further enhanced the Group's brand influence in the Middle East, the Arabian and African markets, laying a good foundation for the next step of providing a full range of services.

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