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CTMGC Attended CITME+ITMASIA Exhibition,2016

CITME+ITMASIA 2016 hold in Shanghai on 21th, Oct, there are more than 170㎡ and 1600 companies come to attend this grand exhibition.

CTMGC and its textile subsidiaries located at H2-B01, H3-D32, H3-D32, H4-E13, H6-C01/02/03 with 3,818㎡.Displayed 33 sets divided in six parts textile machinery, this is the first time CTMGC bring the latest and full-automotive machines to attend exhibition since the group settled. During the exhibition, CTMGC officially announced  the  launchOnline Textile Machinery Exhibitionand  Online Spare Parts Shop.

Online Textile Machinery Exhibition applies Internet+thinking pattern to innovate marketing. Displaying textile machinery and parts in concise words, multi dimensional photos and videos , ensure viewers and customers can look through all the products via computers and mobiles with out time restriction. Online Spare Parts Shopcombining textile machines, spare parts and product upgrading, is the first one-stop e-commerce service platform in the world .

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